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Albert Einstein (1879-1955) German-born theoretical physicist

It the modern world of blurred borders, anything that happens in one place inevitably affects the whole global village. And, of course, the war, taking place in the very heart of Europe, should be of great concern for everybody. How could yesterday’s friends and neighbors get dragged into a raging fraternal war? What forces are behind it? And, finally, what really happened in Ukraine?

Ukraine on Fire is Oliver Stone’s 2016 documentary charting the geo-political history of Ukraine from World War II to the coup of 2014 and the ensuing civil war.

Igor Lopatonok reveals the historical premises of the ongoing Ukrainian crisis, it’s current political backstage and it’s dangerous potential for the world.

The speakers of the highest rank - president of Russia Vladimir Putin, ex-president of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych - interviewed by the filmmaker Oliver Stone share their thoughts about the reasons of the conflict and ways to solve it.

This film was first removed by Youtube, then Vimo removed it too, but it is still available at

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