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Albert Einstein (1879-1955) German-born theoretical physicist

Do you want to be slim and beautiful again? I made it in two months by following this Atkinson inspired diet.

I have been all my life slim and I was able to eat as much as I liked it, but all of a sudden after my forties, I changed and I started to put on weight and it was a terrible time for me. What a nightmare! My cloths didn't fit me any more, I felt embarrassed to walk in public places, and I felt big, unattractive and miserable! And one day I got up and decided that I was going to change that forever, I wanted to be like I used to be! So I started my big plan to be slim and beautiful.

First of all I heard about this incredible syrup from a tree that you are supposed to mix it with water and drink it through the day without eating at all, but I broke this rule and I had very light salads and fruit. I must admit that I only lasted five days and I was supposed to do it for ten days. This was a very good start for the process of getting back to shape. It was very difficult and I dreamt about having food and all the delicious things that I used to have.

During this first week I was walking very close to a Chinese Restaurant and the smell was so tempting. I had a choice giving up my efforts or being slim again and I had to fight against me but I kept away from temptation. After the first five days of drinking this syrup I lost 2 Kilograms, this was the beginning.

Afterwards I did heard about a very strict diet, but it sounded wonderful to me because I could eat again after this syrup mixed with water. So I will tell my diet together with exercise and a lot of will power!

The Diet

Breakfast: two kiwis, two dried wholemeal toasts with skimmed soft cheese and a cup of coffee or tea with skimmed milk.

Mid-morning: a piece of fruit, always avoiding bananas, grapes, avocados and figs.

Lunch: salad or vegetables with fish or meat (only breast of chicken or beef).

Mid-afternoon: another piece of fruit.

Dinner: the same as lunch either salad or vegetables with fish or meat. (Always eat before 7 p.m.)

You must not have any potatoes, pasta or rise, I did treat myself only one day a week and always with wholemeal pasta or rise. And of course no cakes, sugar, ice creams and eating with moderation. Two spoons of olive oil per day. Don't have any sauces with your meals and no pulses.

But I must confess that in my case I only had a late lunch and no dinner, I replaced my dinner by a piece of fruit and I swam everyday for one hour.

The result was wonderful in two months I lost 15 Kilograms and I was able to wear my old cloths again and as a reward my partner bought me new beautiful clothes too.

When I started my diet I was 70 kilos and I went down to 55 kilos. Now I am between 57 and 58 kilos and I do still feel slim for my height, I am 1.70 meter tall.

After sometime I started to eat everything but with moderation and I feel like a new woman with more confidence and I will encourage anyone who is serious about losing weight. I do find it easier when one is living by oneself so that you don't have to cook other things for others that could be a temptation for you.

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